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Luis denied each of the men the pleasure he had experienced. What made Madison fearful, however, was that Piper was completely quiet and submissive. Luis was the alpha male; Piper merely a thin, weak white boy.

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Madison begins sucking on his cock, picking up her pace each time she moved up and down his member. With her mouth engulfing as much of his cock as it could, she reached up and began playing with his balls. The impact of her hand on his balls caused him to let out a slight groan of pleasure.

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As several days went by, Madison tried to put the incident out of her mind. She knew that the whole thing had been grossly out of character for her and so she began to rationalize it so that she could live with herself. However, the money was so good at the Pussy Kat Lounge on that first weekend night that she knew she could not afford to leave employment there until she had found another job.

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Once in the room, the matron grabbed Madison's hair and pulled it hard. I fucked everyone! She had been a complete whore.

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Madison Kendall Holt sat on her bed with her phone in hand, thumb hovering over the "submit" button. Her heart was pounding with excitement and terror at the prospect of actually pressing it. Thoughts were racing through her mind as her left hand slowly crept down her pajama shorts and stroked her eager, throbbing pussy.

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It had been a little over a month since Madison played the dice game. At first, it was exciting to her to be exposed as she had been. Over time, though, Madison found that she was no longer getting a rush out of just having her pictures posted on the web site.

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My marriage had lasted over twenty years, but it had stopped being a real marriage long before. My wife had wanted a career of her own. I was fine with that.

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Madison Benedict bent at her waist to use the soapy wash cloth on her smooth long legs. The warm shower felt good against her soft skin. The last few days had been very emotionally painful to Madison but she had resolved that she would try to begin to feel better today.

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I would like to thank flim62 for his help on this story. I looked at Madison after she had finished and it was obvious she had, once again, talked herself into an orgasm. She smiled "Every time I think about Victoria, I get all flushed.

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It was a good thing Madison picked a Saturday to completely lose control of her desires and make the video and take the pictures that could potentially ruin her. Not that she really chose the day, but it turned out to be a good thing that it happened on that day of the week. After all, once she clicked "send" she more or less paced around her apartment half naked for the rest of the day, going into her bedroom and checking her computer every five minutes to see if anything had come of the things she had sent.


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