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If you haven't heard of the term from anywhere else, you definitely have heard it on television or seen it hash tagged on Instagram. No shave November is a month long movement where people skip the shaving and waxing in order to raise cancer awareness. By letting our hair grow wildly and freely without the usage of any grooming tools, we are embracing our hair — the same hair that most cancer patients lose.

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I mean, it is cool. The pressure to shave, to be a hairless, silky human, as slick as a condom, starts at a very young age for women. It's really hard to escape both peer and media pressure to pluck every rogue curly from your body.

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On November 1,I was taking a shower when I realized that my razor had gone from a little old I decided to throw out the blade and skipped shaving my armpits that day. And the next day.

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The summer was not going well. As a rule-following nerd who got sick a lotI didn't make friends easily, but I liked being on my own. Yet when I looked around the bunk one day and realized it was conspicuously empty in the way that tells you everyone is somewhere you're not, I walked out and saw the flock of Lilys, Sarahs, and Emilys clustered on the steps with shaving cream, razors, and a few cups of water, shaving their legs together in the most fun-seeming hygiene ritual to ever traumatize me.

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About a year and a half ago, I ended a five-year relationship with a man who, despite calling himself a feminist, subtly and then overtly shamed me about my weight and body hair. After years of him asking me to wax my ladyparts, I finally did it as a special one-time thing in an attempt to save our failing relationship. Then he decided I had to wax, all the time.

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Back in November, I wrote about the history of why women began shaving their armpits. MORE: New lingerie campaign proves every woman is beautiful, hairy armpits and all. But I also felt ashamed of the fact I was shaving; my Dad noticed through a rip in my tights that the hair on my knee was no longer a soft, blonde down, but rather a load of stubble and he asked me about it.

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Social scientists will try to measure anything, it seems, and in the most recent issue of Psychology of Women Quarterlya professor at Arizona State has published a paper that attempts to quantify the disgust women feel with regard to body hair — their own, and that of other women. The scholar, named Breanne Fahs, conducted two experiments. Respondents said that shaving was a minor inconvenience and a personal choice, but that overall the idea of body hair was revolting.

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Most women have issues with their body hair: some hair is too dark, other hair, too thick—and never, ever where the hell you want it throw some of those rogue-ies on my brows, please. Some areas, like the bikini line, are safely tucked away from sight in NYC this is true for eight months out of the yearbut what about the upper lip, armpits, and legs? Here's where I stand on the trifecta of conspicuous body hair.

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Xiao Meili photographed her armpits to bring attention to issues of gender inequality. Photo: Xiao Meili. One morning last week I awoke to a newsfeed and desktop full of stories regarding the new trend in female body grooming —unshaved underarm hair.

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Michelle Smith does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. While the album did contain a song with a racial slur in the title, what was most immediately confronting was that the pose Smith adopted on the cover unselfconsciously displayed a thatch of underarm hair. Some 36 years later and a selfie posted by Madonna on Instagram, in which she adopts a similar pose to reveal a more stage-managed growth of hair, has prompted a profusion of media articles and tens of thousands of comments, many of which express repulsion.


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