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Just like snowflakes, no two nipples are the same. Not even the ones in a matching set. Let's just say that if variety is the spice of life, then nipples make livin' real tasty.

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Heightened sensitivity? Grown overnight? Leaky nipples?

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Toggle navigation. This tutorial will survey some of the key challenges in this context and then focus on the topic of adversarial robustness: the widespread vulnerability of state-of-the-art deep learning models to adversarial misclassification aka adversarial examples. We will discuss the practical as well as theoretical aspects of this phenomenon, with an emphasis on recent verification-based approaches to establishing formal robustness guarantees.

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Is This Normal? This week: your nipples. People are so weird about nipples. First off, to clarify what I mean when I say "nipple," I mean the part nearish the center of your breast where where your breast ducts connect to the surface of your skin.

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Hoover says. The amount of hair you actually have is related to hormones and is hereditary, he says. Meaning, if your mom has hairy nipples, you have a greater chance of having them, too.

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When expertly handled, boobs have the ability to enhance your orgasm and just generally make you feel all tingly. How, you may ask, does one accomplish such a feat? While some women have more sensitive nipples than others, with proper attention paid to them, almost all nipples have the power to increase your sexual pleasure.

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Nipple suckers bring on the intensity a little at a time and can really make the nipple 'swell' and stay erect for a good amount of time. The issue arises when you go a bit too hard on the nips. In fact, some women are even able to achieve the elusive nipples-only orgasm though I cannot personally attest to this phenomenon.

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This body part was designed to achieve the singular goal of feeding tiny humans, after all. In an ideal world, breastfeeding would be simple, or at least not painful. Unfortunately, for lots of women it can be the exact opposite. Sure, some women sail through breastfeeding with no issues, and in the long run, your nipples are generally going to be just fine, Leigh Anne O'Connorboard-certified lactation consultant and La Leche League leader, tells SELF.

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And that terror can easily turn into full-tilt panic: could my itchy, dry nipples be a sign of something serious? Are these random hairs going to be here for the rest of my life? Why hast thou betrayed me, beloved headlights?!

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Teach your pup not to treat people like her personal chew toys. In an earlier episodeI talked about one way puppies get in trouble with their teeth — they chew your stuff. I gave pointers for teaching pups to chew toys and treats instead of furniture and shoes. Puppies also nip.


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